When you truly look within yourself and ask:

"how do I perceive myself"?

Do you see yourself as always evolving through life or do you see yourself as someone pretty set in your ways and in no need whatsoever of any upgrades/adjustments/change?

Do you see yourself, all set?

100% where you need to be? No upgrades required?

Do you believe that no matter what people do, say or how much they study... can actually change who they are at core?

Is that how you see yourself?

Or... do you see yourself as a work in progress?

My take on it, is that, we are all a work in progress.

My belief is that we are always evolving.

If we allow it of course.

Growing from our experiences.

Progressing throughout life, Its a never ending cycle.

According to the dictionary progress is: the development towards an improved condition or movement towards a destination.

It is important to take some time to reflect on what does progress mean to you.

You know why?

Because that can allow you to see what your beliefs are.

Do you aim to be perfect?

Do you see yourself as perfect?

The word perfection is thrown at us all the time!

At work, personal life, its just thrown at us as something we should all be aiming for.

And that... has got me thinking that having that belief can lead you to feel bad about yourself, your accomplishments because you are always aiming for perfection!

We should all consider what is perfection for us and who is it that sets that standard.

Should it be you?

Your family?



Perfection standards are most likely different for everyone right?

So, why should we rely on other peoples standards of perfection?

Makes you think? Perfect!

That is the intention!

I want you to see beyond the obvious. I want to make you think outside of the box.

Why should we confine our self-worth to the standards of society or anyone really?

What I believe to be one of the biggest issues of this modern society is this comparison, always comparing ourselves with others based on what society dictates.

This is not the way we should live our life's.

Your life your choices! Your standards!

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Need help figuring that out?

PM me, I will gladly assist on this quest and believe me it is not as easy at it seems!

Together we can discover who you truly are and what is really important to you!

Lets do this!

Over 9 months ago, this beautiful butterfly literally crossed my path and landed right in front of me.

I smiled, looked up and said "thank you".

There it was. The sign I was hoping for.

Let me explain it better.

I was just getting home from my after lunch walk that I took everyday during lockdown (mid pandemic).

Whilst on that walk, my mind was mostly racing with self-doubt, thoughts about whether or not to build my Coaching site.

You might think why would I blindly trust that a butterfly was the sign I was needing to finally take action? Well, because I trust the signs I get. I trust that the Universe is always giving away signs. We just really need to pay attention to them.

Why butterflies? The symbolism of butterflies are many but, one of them is linked to new beginnings, trusting that a change isn't always a bad thing. Just like caterpillars turn into butterflies you can also transform and become your true self.

Most people could interpreted this is a totally different way than me but, that is not something that concerns me. I trust my intuition and the guidance I get from it and the Universe. I guess it's just who I am. And after years of denying my true self, I now truly accept that I am spiritual person that is working to be in tune with herself and her surroundings.

I truly believe we are all connected, we are all a part of something bigger. We are all here in this world for a reason. Knowing what that reason is a blessing for sure, but to get to understand what that reason is, requires you to take time to notice the "butterflies" along the way.

Coach Silvia